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Bruno Delinger in Dynamite Deka EX: Asian Dynamite.

Bruno Delinger (ブルーノ・デリンジャー) is the main protagonist of the Dynamite Deka series, appearing in all games from the series. He also appears in the crossover RPG Project X Zone. Late in development Sega acquired the license to Twentieth Century Fox's Die Hard and thus Dynamite Deka was retitled Die Hard Arcade in the West and instead featured John McClane as the protagonist.

Character BioEdit

Bruno is a 42 years old cop from the San Francisco Police Department (SFPD). In Dynamite Deka he must solve a problem.

10 years later he has other problem in Dynamite Deka 2/Dynamite Deka EX: Asian Dynamite.


Dynamite Deka (Sega Ages 2500)Edit

Ax Battler (アックス・バトラー)Golden Axe
"Legendary Rock Singer" (伝説のロック歌手)Elvis
Tōyama Kinshirou (遠山金四郎)
Werewolf (ウェアウルフ)Altered Beast

Dynamite Deka EX: Asian DynamiteEdit

Drunk Kung Fu (ドランク・クンフー)
Jihad Bamiyan (ジハード・バーミヤン)
Miami Macho (マイアミ・マッチョ)