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Caroline Powel in Dynamite Deka EX: Asian Dynamite.

Caroline Powel (キャロライン・パウエル) is a character from the Dynamite Deka series.


Caroline is the daughter of the president. She was captured by terrorists in Dynamite Deka and is rescued by Bruno Delinger.

In Dynamite Deka EX: Asian Dynamite she is a playable character. She is a 21 years old woman that is married with the current president, becoming the First Lady.


Dynamite Deka EX: Asian DynamiteEdit

Shindemo Shinikīren (シンデモ・シニキーレン)
Miss China Connection (ミス・チャイナコネクション)
Yasuda Kuniko (ヤスダ・クニコ)


Caroline's gameplay is similar to Jean Ivy's, however Caroline prefers to use slaps rather than breaking her opponent's bones as Jean does.  She has a special finisher where she mounts her opponent and rapidly pulverizes him into a bloody pulp using her slaps.